S L E E P Y  D O E

Sleepy Doe is a British childrenswear brand specialising in sleepwear & interiors.



Our Swansy sleepwear and bedding is also available to buy on wallpaper for a print on print appeal. Kate Zaremba is an illustrator and surface designer living and working in Washington, D.C. Always striving to create her work in a way that’s ethical and sustainable, Kate’s wallpaper is made with FSC certified papers. The 'Swansy' wallpaper comes in two colours, White and Noir. All orders are made to order and printed in the U.K. Please contact kate@zarembacompany.com to order or click links below. 

Swansy White wallpaper and sleepwear

Swansy White wallpaper and sleepwear

Ethical Wallpaper

Easy to apply and easy to remove, this wallpaper is a fantastic way to transform any room into a whimsical little space. If installed properly this incredible material will last 20 years on walls and wall-like surfaces. The adhesive backed wallpaper comes with detailed instructions.